“Through Fiona I have learnt not just to improve my asana practise, but also to really establish the connection with the breath and bandhas. HIGHLY recommended for all levels”

Workshops and courses offer a deeper understanding of a variety of aspects of yoga. Below are some of the workshops that have run in recent years and a schedule of up coming events is shown on the table below.


Should you be interested in a specific focus, please contact me »


Asana Workshops – encouraging structural equilibrium and stability

Roots to Crown – exploring the moving anatomy to the feet to the crown

Building a Home Practice – Inspiring a daily practice with a flowing sequence of asanas

Pranayama – Transformational breath techniques bringing awareness back inwards

Yoga for Runners – Improving running performance and technique

Specialist courses have been presented upon request for a variety of sports including cycling and climbing.


Workshop  / Event Schedule 

RETURNING JANUARY 2018 Date to be confirmed
10 am - 1pm
New Fit
24-25 York Place, Brighton



As yoga practitioners you need no convincing of the benefits of flexibility and stretching. Instead, most of you reading this would rather learn the tools to help you go deeper into asana and gain a greater understanding of the science of stretching.  Here is your chance.

We will explore the unique relationship between muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments and how movement occurs within them in response to signals from the brain.  As with all animals we are constantly seeking stimulation and responding appropriately. Perception is the space between simple sensation and complex cognitional behaviour.  This relationship can be hindered by a variety of conditions or injury states, but also by your state of mind.  

Yoga is a discipline that teaches us new ways of experiencing the world. So beyond our physical understanding, once the observation and pranayama are brought into your movement practice, flexibility of  both mind and body marry in a more responsive manner.  

This workshop in open to yoga explorers of mixed ability.  However, those familiar with my regular Vinyasa practice are preferred, so that the basics are already understood.

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