International Yoga Day – i360 – MIND Charity Event


21st June 2018 – The 4th International Yoga Day – where members of the Yoga with Fiona community got together to practice high up on the British Airways i360 – we raised awareness and money for MIND – Brighton & Hove.  A huge £1035.00 has been donated so far, thanks to generous support for this wonderful charity which promotes good mental health in the city and across Sussex.

We were a part of the biggest ever shared Yoga practice, happening globally on this special day.  As Yoga practitioners we are never alone in this cosmos – we are safely embraced as part of a Yoga family.  Namaste and thank you to all x



Introduction into the Yoga Sutra

For most of us suffering is a fact of life.  It seems inevitable despite all our attempts at consolation.  The fundamental dissatisfaction of human beings has been the central concern of all religious and philosophical systems.  Faced with our inability to remain happy, all the great teachers have adopted the most practical approach. The Buddha for example, discouraged his followers…