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Our concept of Sacred Egypt is to provide the opportunity for serious spiritual development in the perfect setting, together with the unique advantage of experiencing the real flavour of Egyptian daily life and culture. Egyptian people have a remarkable gift of friendship and hospitality. To honour the guest is a sacred tradition.   Away from the tourist trail and the sterility of hotel life, Egyptian village life is full of fun and colour which the local people are more than happy to share. From resplendent village weddings, to horse-dancing events in brightly patterned Bedouin tents, to belly dancing in the privacy of the harem, (women only) our visitors are welcomed with warmth and respect.

The waft of incense in the souk, the cry of the street-seller, the call to prayer at dusk, the magic of sunset over the Pyramid, moonlight on sand from the height of a camel’.

The sights, sounds and smells of village Egypt bring you closer to yourself.

This is our aim and purpose. The closer you become to yourself, the more powerful and beautiful you become.

The work of Sacred Egypt derives from the teachings of the ancient texts. The older gods are still alive within us. They are names for our higher purpose and our deeper powers. When we know these names, and recognise their gifts, we can awaken to them. When we are conscious of those gifts, we manifest them. Our most divine aspects become real and present. Then the world becomes a safer, more creative, more beautiful place for us and everyone else.

The ancient Egyptians held that the key to spiritual initiation was integration, where the spirit, soul, mind and body of the person operated as one, with all levels working in harmony together. Their spiritual practice was devoted to this end. This brought about the remarkable achievements for which they are still remembered and celebrated. The Pyramids are a testament to this belief.
Our work, at Sacred Egypt, seeks to rekindle this belief and purpose in you.

'When your highest purpose is aligned with your deepest desires, you can manifest your magic into the world.’

When you know what you really want, and it is in harmony with what you know you really should be doing, then you can always achieve it, and more.

Our work, at Sacred Egypt helps you to discover both what you really want, and what you really ought to be doing. Then it teaches you how to align the two through your heart and love them. When you love what you really want, it will come to you, because it will come from you.

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