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With Katy Noura

Intuition, Integration, Initiation

This training course awakens and integrates seven powerful principles within the psychic system. Based on the chakras, each day of work relates to one of the Egyptian gods or goddesses. As the work proceeds and the chakras open, the subtler bodies integrate into consciousness. The chakras become activated in harmony with the deeper powers and aspirations of the individual. The course consists of teachings and profound inner journeys into the Egyptian Mysteries. The inner journeys are complimented with experiential visits to sacred sites, dancing and camel or horse riding in the desert.

Day 1: Understanding the Myths

Day 2:
Root Chakra, Shadow and Survival.
Egyptian Principal: Anubis

Day 3: Sacral Chakra, Power and Passion.
Egyptian Principal: Sekhmet

Day 4: Solar Plexus Chakra, Courage and Creativity:
Egyptian Principal: Horus

Day 5: Heart Chakra, Love and Beauty.
Egyptian Principal: Hathor

Day 6: Throat Chakra, Manifestation and Magic.
Egyptian Principal: Ptah

Day 7: Brow Chakra, Healing and Higher Wisdom.
Egyptian Principal: Isis

Day 8: Crown Chakra, Integration and Self-Sovereignty.
Egyptian Principal: Osiris

The course has been designed for you to awaken and commit to your higher purpose in full recognition of your deepest desires and limitations.

The course will include:

Eight three hour teaching/temple sessions

Counselling on the process days

An initiation ceremony with presentation of the sacred ankh

Sufi dancing on the ‘Sekhmet’ day with Zar musicians.

Inclusive of:

Accommodation and full board for up to 14 days with servants.

Teaching and meditational work as specified.

Excursions and experiences mentioned above.

Welcoming transport from Cairo airport.

NOT included:

Flights; (approx £300 from Heathrow, direct daily flights by Egyptair or B/A. Recommended travel agents Mina Travel, 33 Westbourne Grove, London W.2. 4UA. Tel: 0207 792 4690. Mention Katy Butler for discount)


Visas; (Egyptian visas can be obtained on arrival at Cairo airport. £12.00 cash only)

Tips and Gratuities (baksheesh)
It is an Egyptian custom to give small financial rewards for extra services. Whilst we protect our guests from being pressured, tipping is at your discretion.

The following are suggested as optional extras:

Moonlight camel rides

A felucca trip on the Nile

Horse riding in the desert

Excursion to the Cairo Museum

Day trip to Saqarra and Memphis

Shopping trips to local bazaars

Day trips to the Pyramids and Sphinx

© 2007 Katy Noura Butler.  All services are provided subject to our Standard Conditions of Contract, copies of which are available on request.