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Sacred Egypt is a completely unique experience for travellers and mystics. We offer the opportunity to discover and enjoy the magic of Egypt in authentic cultural surroundings, whilst achieving new insights and levels of self awareness amongst friends. It is both a Mystery School, which provides powerful training in the arts of magic and healing, and a happy home which offers love and support to it guests.

Standing on the edge of the Sahara Desert directly in front of the Pyramids of Giza, its large garden terrace gives stunning, panoramic views of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Here you can remember and understand deeper levels of self, while enjoying to the full, the colour and romance of time-honoured Egyptian village life.

The house is a five-storey building, on the edge of the village of Nazlet el Samman. It is fully staffed, comfortably appointed, furnished in traditional Egyptian style, with a large kitchen, three double guest rooms, one family guest room, two guest drawing rooms, and four modern bathrooms. A spacious Meditation Temple and workshop area looks out over the Giza Plateau and the Pharoanic village of the Pyramid Builders. The front door opens on to little sandy streets where camels, horses and donkeys pass on their daily business, and one can share in the leisurely pace and friendly atmosphere of a typical desert village.

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