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Our house is a large comfortable village house in the small village of Nazlet el Samman, on the very fringe of the Sahara desert. It directly faces the Pyramids and Sphinx, with stunning panoramic views from its windows and terrace. Built on five floors, there is a large kitchen and temple shop on the ground floor, with a staff bathroom. Bedrooms are comfortable, with shared bathrooms and sitting rooms.

The roof garden is spacious and shady with a dining area, and lounging beds. Workshops are conducted in the sacred atmosphere of the Meditation temple. We have satellite TV. and internet facilities.

Meals are served three times a day with organic fresh produce from the local souk. Food is plentiful and seasonal, cooked by our resident cook Samar. We always consult guests to meet dietary their requirements and preferences.

Children are welcome. In-house experienced child and baby care can be arranged at a small extra cost.

The village is colourful and friendly. It is famous for its Arabian horses. Horses, camels and donkeys pass down its narrow streets on their daily business, peddlers and street sellers cry their wares, and children play in safety. We have lived and worked in this village for nearly a decade, and are well-respected members of the community.  Our neighbours trust us, and we them. Family stables are a few yards from the front door, where gentle well-trained Arab horses can be hired at very cheap prices to accommodate any level from novice to expert riders.

It is an interesting ten minute walk down our main village street, Sharia Nasr, to the Pyramid precinct and the Sphinx, but it is the general opinion of our guests that the very best way to experience the Pyramids, is from the desert on horse or camel. Desert safaris can be arranged in May and September, and day treks along the oasis roads to Saqarra.
Horse riding and dancing are important pursuits when attuning to the higher levels of consciousness, as they allow a constant connection between the higher and lower chakras and a happy relationship to the ‘animal’ nature.

Music and dancing are integral to Egyptian village culture. We, at Sacred Egypt are particularly blessed in that we have family connections to the Sufic Zar tribes of musicians. This music which is spiritual and releasing is a powerful aid to inner journeys and magical process. There is little to equal dancing to the wild strains of the Zar music under the desert stars, with the Pyramids in the background

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