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Sacred Egypt began in 1996. It is the result of the vision of Katy Noura Butler and the hard work and dedication of her husband Hisham. Since they met and married they were joined by Samar, their cook and house manager with her two small sons, Islam (6) and Hasan (9).  Hisham’s daughter Marwa brings her superb skills as a teacher of Egyptian dance.

Katy Noura, clairvoyant, channel and healer, has been a teacher of the Ancient Wisdom for thirty years. In her earlier days, she trained in singing and dance, and worked as a professional actress on stage and television.

Before coming to Egypt, she was the founder and President of the Professional Tarot Society in London, running the Butler School of Tarot and her own busy practice. She still runs courses in Tarot and Egyptian Mysteries for the Theosophical Society  in London . Katy Noura now divides her time between giving private consultations, and teaching spiritual studies in London   as well as Egyptian consciousness from her spiritual home at the Pyramids of Egypt.

Hisham was golf pro before he married Katy and shared her vision. He now organises outings and field trips to sacred sites and places of interest for the guests, , who plans all the menus and supervises the kitchen. Hisham is a first class rider, who can teach horse-riding with skill and patience, taking the guests out into the desert on horse or camel back.  He loves to help guests drive a good bargain in the shops and bazaars, and is, of course, always delighted to take any one for a round of golf at the luxurious Mena House Golf Club by the Pyramids.

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